Replace Paperworks with Waterworks

and Stay Fresh All Day

The FannyWasher™ Health Care Wonder of the Millennium

1 - In less than an hour you can transform your toilet to a comfortable and hygienic environment.



2 - By only changing the seat, your toilet is transformed to a fully automated cleaning unit, fully

     hygienic with many features.



3 - The FannyWasher™ will thoroughly wash and dry without any hand contact and leave you      

     sanitized and refreshed.



4 - The FannyWasher™ will make your toilet going experience unique, one of comfort and      




5 - These are some of features that The FannyWasher™ offers:

      • With just a push of a button you will be cleansed and refreshed in the appropriate area.

      • You can set and control the water pressure and temperature at will.

      • Heated seat control for the cold winter season.

      • The Warm Air Drying System will dry you in seconds.

      • The Deodorizing Unit System keeps the air fresh.

      • Hydraulically operated hinged seat and cover for noiseless and shock proof operation.

      • Antibacterial seat and cover material to prevents fungal and bacterial contamination.



6 - The FannyWasher™ is of superior design and construction and has been thoroughly tested in      

     the United States, Europe and the Middle East for a period of 5 years prior to its introduction      

     to the market.


7 - The best means of hygiene for the elderly and those who need assistance   




Wash Nozzle
Heated Seat
Warm Air Dryer
Hydrolic Seat/Cover
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صندلی گرمکن
خشک کن
بو گیر
درب هیدرولیکی